Flight Department Services

TRIAX fully understands the need to partner with Flight Departments to establish effective business practices that deliver safety, quality of operations, and outstanding customer service, all while recognizing prudent accounting procedures.  TRIAX will provide the following services:


  1. BulletWork proactively with flight departments to inspect and audit all aspects of a department. Develop processes for corrective action, suggest system improvements, and coordinate training programs to initiate change for continuous improvement.

  2. BulletEstablish an effective measurement system for customer satisfaction.

  3. BulletDevelop liaison relationships with the Federal Aviation Administration to ensure full compliance with all Federal Aviation Regulations. Capable of meeting FAA certification processes for all types of certification issues, TRIAX will provide expertise to identify solutions before issues become legal actions.

  4. BulletWork with the Flight and Human Resource departments to provide guidance for competitive compensation packages and benefit programs.  Provide assistance with unique personnel issues.

  5. BulletProvide clear and concise process documentation and flow charts to ensure all department and team members fully understand their positions, duties, and responsibilities.

  6. BulletAssist organizations in evaluating their processes and customer satisfaction data to determine if change is required.  Assist with appropriate process change documentation and implementation initiatives.

  7. BulletHelp the organization become registered in ISO 9001:2000, AS-9100, IS-BAO, or other International Standards.

  8. BulletDefining process management and process mapping is very important. TRIAX is prepared to work with you to clearly define the standards to be achieved.

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