Turnkey Aircraft Acquisition –

TRIAX is highly skilled in representing our client as exclusive agent in the process of acquiring a new or pre-owned aircraft.  Here’s how we can help:

  1. BulletPrepare a detailed analysis and assessment to determine the aircraft type that best fits your mission, needs, and budget.

  2. BulletAssess aircraft currently available in the marketplace and prepare a comprehensive analysis for your review.

  3. BulletArrange flight demonstrations for you to see the aircraft and equipment in action.

  4. BulletRepresent you in the acquisition, including tender of offer, writing a definitive purchase agreement, and arranging all details involved with acceptance and delivery.

  5. BulletCoordinate escrow and FAA registrations.

  6. BulletRepresent you in the acceptance, completion, and refurbishment of your aircraft at the modification or completion center.

  7. BulletDetermine the options for entry into service. 

  8. BulletEvaluate aircraft management opportunities and provide a value analysis between management companies or having you start your own professional flight department. 

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