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Howard Hackney has a diverse background in all aspects of aviation. During his career, Howard's duties and responsibilities over the past thirty eight years have taught him the importance of paying close attention to details while developing an outstanding customer service and satisfaction creed. Always the consummate customer's advocate, Howard formed BizJet Aviation Consulting in May 2002 to share his vast and diverse aviation knowledge to best service the aviation consumer. In May 2003, Howard and Tom Davis founded TRIAX Partners, LLC as an aviation "solution based" company specializing in a diverse portfolio of services to the aviation clients.

Howard has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of North Carolina, specializing in marketing and transportation. He has also attended numerous educational conferences including the Darden School at the University of Virginia and the Kenan Flagler School at the University of North Carolina.

His general aviation background began in 1966 while working at Raleigh Durham Aviation. He managed the operation on the weekend and traded work time for flight time.

Howard was a United States Marine Corps Naval Aviator, having flown the A-4 Skyhawk in Vietnam combat in 1971. After Vietnam, he returned to tours of duty as an instructor in the Naval Training Command at NAS Glynco, GA and as a VIP Pilot at MCAS Cherry Point, NC. At MCAS Cherry Point, Howard began to understand the importance for customer service as he developed the tenets for his customer service advocacy.

After nine years in the military, Howard began an illustrious career of seventeen plus years with Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation. His flight operations assignments included international line Captain, Deputy Director of Flight Demonstration, Chief Pilot, and Director of Part 135 Operations, all with the responsibility of delivering world-class customer service to potential Gulfstream buyers. During his assignments at Gulfstream, Howard developed many innovations that created value-added initiatives to enhance the Gulfstream products and services.

He was responsible for the customer interior outfitting of seventeen demonstration aircraft, including the development of the "wide inside" interior. He developed the Gulfstream Master Time Share and Interchange concept in 1979, which was the forerunner of many ideas including the development of fractional aircraft sales. Under Howard's leadership, he was responsible for the operational development and organization of numerous flight departments, both domestically and internationally, while supporting new entry into service customers.

In 1994, Howard accepted the position as Chief Pilot for Whirlpool Corporation in charge of developing their international travel with two Gulfstream IV aircraft. With the economic downturn, his duties focused on major cost controls and maintaining a positive attitude within the flight department, while continuing to provide exceptional flight service to the corporation.

After two years of growth and development at Whirlpool, Howard seized the opportunity to expand his strategic initiatives as Vice President of Business Development for Chrysler Pentastar Aviation, Inc., based in Waterford, MI. Innovation, strategic planning, developing programs, working with customers and growing the business models became his primary scope at Pentastar. In 1998, DaimlerBenz purchased Chrysler Corporation and Howard became a team member responsible for organizing the DaimlerChrysler Aviation flight departments in the United States and Germany. His duties included creating a newly formed US owned Part 135 Company called Automotive Air Charter, Inc. He was also instrumental in subleasing an Airbus A320 from AirMacau to start shuttle operations between Stuttgart and Pontiac, and in purchasing the business aircraft fleet for Germany. Additionally, the charter sales, aircraft management and aircraft acquisition and brokerage business became very profitable.

During his tenure, he developed the Gulfstream Management Service concept, the Airbus Corporate Jet Program and numerous strategic initiatives while maintaining his role as a customer advocate.

With the downturn in the economy in 2001, DaimlerChrysler decided to sell DaimlerChrysler Aviation, Inc. It was during this time that United Airlines began its Fractional Aircraft Owner program, later named Avolar. Howard joined the Avolar management team in June 2001 as Vice President of Business Development to assist in the start up of the fractional business. His duties were very diverse because of his experience and talent. In addition to those tasks listed in his position description, Howard's responsibilities included participating in the purchase of the fleet, leasing of the core aircraft, developing the interior outfitting and exterior color designs and specs, negotiating "nose to tail" maintenance programs with OEM's, and negotiating power by the hour engine programs. In addition, Howard was charged with negotiating with Airbus and developing the Airbus Corporate Jet Program.

Unfortunately, after the tragedy of September 11, 2001, United Airlines decided to focus its resources to the airline. Subsequently, Avolar was discontinued on March 22, 2002. Howard remained with the company until late May 2002, providing his expertise to assist with the shut down details and duties.

Howard is an avid golfer and enjoys travel, great food and wine.

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