Business Initiatives and Strategic Planning

TRIAX has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to develop new and innovative aviation services and products.  Putting our years of experience to work for the client, our network of experts will:

  1. BulletFacilitate and develop a comprehensive strategic plan that is realistic and attainable that allows managers and entrepreneurs to think strategically and act operationally.

  2. BulletClearly define the purpose of the organization; establish realistic goals and objectives, consistent with the mission; and determine a time frame for implementation.

  3. BulletFacilitate and plan the development of strategic business partnership and strategic marketing ventures.

  4. BulletWork with the client to develop the data infrastructure to achieve a successful and measurable financial based business plan.

  5. BulletEvaluate new and innovative aviation services and provide a market analysis; develop a business summary on the merits of the project. 

  6. BulletOversee and provide leadership for managing and implementing new project introductions.

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