Asset Recovery and Protection Program for Lenders and Lessors -

This TRIAX program was developed in response the recent volatility in the credit markets and is designed to help lenders and lessors with smaller aircraft portfolios and limited in-house aviation-specific expertise in their asset management organization.

TRIAX offers turnkey aircraft reclamation and remarketing service, which maximizes the ultimate sale value of the aircraft and minimizes your liability risk.  These are some of the vital services that TRIAX performs to make sure that your aircraft is handled properly and sold quickly, efficiently and for its maximum value:

  1. BulletLocate, retrieve, and initially inspect the aircraft.

  2. BulletRecommend, engage and coordinate specialized legal counsel in the event of involuntary repossession.

  3. BulletVerify that all appropriate insurance coverage is in place and in force.

  4. BulletReview the title for mechanics and other liens or encumbrances.

  5. BulletReview flight and maintenance logs and aircraft records.

  6. BulletReview logs and records to determine any past-due or required maintenance.

  7. BulletDetermine when engine and airframe checks are required and estimate the cost of inspection.

  8. BulletSchedule aircraft into the appropriate facility for full technical inspection.

  9. BulletArrange for pilots and ferry flights to relocate aircraft as necessary.

  10. BulletReport on airworthiness directives, service bulletins and discretionary repair and replacement items and estimate their costs.

  11. BulletMake our recommendations on work that should be done to maximize value in the current market.

  12. BulletOversee and manage all repair or refurbishment work for the aircraft including engine, airframe, avionics, exterior paint, livery and color coordination and interior repair work.

  13. BulletAudit all invoices for accuracy and compliance with work orders.

  14. BulletPerform final inspection of completed work.

  15. BulletProvide for scheduled operation of the aircraft to maintain operational status.

  16. BulletArrange for proper storage and security to prevent damage and loss.

  17. BulletPrepare aircraft for remarketing so as to recognize the highest possible net value.

  18. BulletSurvey the market and recommend appropriate sales and asking price strategy.

  19. BulletPrepare appropriate marketing materials and present the aircraft for sale.

  20. BulletHandle all aircraft showings and demonstration flight18

  21. BulletPrepare all purchase documentation and FAA and legal filings.

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