Aircraft Brokerage Services

Selling an aircraft is a demanding and often stressful process.  TRIAX has the skills, systems, and tools to help our client find the right buyer at the right time.  Our proactive approach of working closely with our clients, and our intimate knowledge of the marketplace, consistently achieves the desired results in a manner which is truly a “win-win” for both sides.  Let us put the following action plan to work for you:

  1. BulletDetermine your requirements for price and duration of sale cycle.

  2. BulletAssess current market trends, analyze competitive aircraft on the market, and provide an accurate and honest sales evaluation and comparison.

  3. BulletDevelop a professional presentation package, including a comprehensive technical data sheet, with digital interior and exterior photos for multi-media, website, and internet exposure. 

  4. BulletUse our extensive network of industry contacts to promote your aircraft with outside brokers.

  5. BulletAlert our cache of interested potential buyers about your aircraft.

  6. BulletCoordinate all details for aircraft showings, demonstration flights, and logbook and record reviews.

  7. BulletQualify and present all offers, negotiate and document a definitive aircraft purchase agreement, and coordinate all details for the technical inspection.

  8. BulletManage your aircraft during the closing stages of the sales process, including representing your aircraft during the technical inspection, mediating any airworthiness discrepancies in accordance with the definitive aircraft purchase agreement, and representing you in escrow, closing, aircraft delivery, and bill of sale documentation with the FAA.

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